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Advantages of having an outdoor swimming pool

Outdoor Pool Guys deals inquality outdoor swimming pools which are more affordable since they can be custom made to a clients taste and preference. They also area beautiful addition to ones home and are a great way of exercising at ones leisure.


More benefits

Otherbenefits that are associated with these outdoor swimming pools include; one can control the cleanliness of his/her own swimming pool making it less likely for thepool to be a breeding ground for germs. Outdoor swimming pools also act as a social magnet as people are able to interact as they exercise while swimming.


Cost of an outdoor pool

Outdoor Pool Guys has very attractive prices for our outdoor swimming pools,the costs mostly depending on the size and accessories to be used. Custom made outdoor swimming pools will vary in costs since they are made to the users specifications and tastes. Visit Outdoor Pool Guys for the cost break down and also for the best prices. Reach us to learn more on the outdoor swimming pools.

Customers can reach us on 888-518-1119 for more information.

Outdoor Pools

Outdoor swimming pools also have some shortcomings.Outdoor swimming pools have many costs involved with them. These costs include, initial costs for installing the pool, utility costs that entails water and electricity bills and maintenance costs since a cleaning and maintaining the outdoor pools may be not only costly but time consuming. There are safety concerns that also come up when considering to install an outdoor pool, since they may be dangerous to those that do not know how to swim and children. Owners of outdoor pools may also have to construct a barrier fence to prevent accidents especially to children. Improper use of chemicals can lead to illnesses, and bacteria forming in the pool because PH levels of the swimming pool water are supposed to be maintained at certain levels.

Installing Outdoor Swimming Pools

The installation process is done by professionals. At Outdoor Pool Guys we have professionals who accompany the customer to their place of residence or where they would like the outdoor pool installed. Most people call us on 888-518-1119 whenever they need these installation services.

Reach Outdoor Pool Guys on Choosing the type of pool to install

Choosing the type of pool to install

There are three main types of pools. They are: concrete, vinyl-lined and fiberglass.

Concrete pools are custom-built and can be formed to any size or shape since the concrete is built on steel-reinforced walls, plastered, painted and finished. This, is often used for pools built into sloppy areas. It is considered the strongest, most durable type of pool, since it can be remodeled and updated according to the clients wishes.

Vinyl pools are made from a flexible liner that fits into the hole and attaches to a wall. However, sharp objects can puncture the liner.

Fiberglass pools are molded into a bowl-shaped piece. Fiberglass pools can thus be installed much faster than vinyl and concrete pools. Fiberglass pools have a smooth coat finish that is durable and resistant to stains. They are nonporous, and tend to use fewer chemicals and harbor less algae.

The flexibility of fiberglass and vinyl liners makes them ideal for cold climates where since the cold can damage a rigid concrete structure. Relying on the expertise of Outdoor Pool Guys can help one decide which type of pool to install.

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